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Timeline of Ancient Greek Theatre

In bold plays that have won a prize in major tragic contests

DATE Theatrical


Aeschylus Euripides Sophocles Aristophanes
around 600 Dithyranbous evolution by Arion of Methemna        
before 570 Kleisthenes : the first tragic odes to Dionysus        
550 Thespis introduced the first actor        
534 Tragedy is included in the festival of the Great Dionysia in Athens by tyrant Peisistratos. First presentation by Thespis        
around 500 Satyric drama is born. Pratinas participated in the tragic contest with a satyric drama        
525   Aeschylus born      
497       Sophocles born  
487 or 485 First comedy presented in Athens Dionysia        
480     Euripides born    
472 Second actor by Aeschylus Persians      
467   The seven against Thebes      
464   The Suppliants      
458   Agamemnon / The Libation - Bearers / Eumenides      
455   Aeschylus dies      
450     Rhesus    
442 Third actor and a chorus of 15 by Sophocles     Antigone  
440       Ajax  
438     Alcestis    
431   Prometheus Bound Medea    
430     Heracles' children Women of Trachis  
428     Phaedra    
424         The Knights
422         The Wasps
421         Peace
420     Helectra    
419         The Clouds
415     The Trojan Women    
414         The Birds
413     Iphigenia in Tauris    
411         Thesmophoriazoussae
410     The Bacchae Electra  
409        Philoctetes  
407       Oedipus Rex  
406     Euripides dies    
405       Oedipus at Colonus - Sophocles dies The Frogs
390          Ecclessiazoussae
385         Aristophanes dies
380         Plutus

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