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The Persans

            This tragedy has been written in 472 BC and it was about the battleship in Salamina between the Greeks and the Persans leaded by king Xerxes. Aeschylus had fought and had been seriously injured.

            The story takes place in Persia’s capital Sousa, where a messenger announces to king’s mother (Atossa) the defeat of their fleet in Salamin.  The messenger describes the way in which they lost the battle. Atossa and chorus are blaming Xerxes for the defeat. Atossa prays and recalls the soul of her dead husband king Dareus, to give them some advice. The phantom of Dareus appears and advices them, never to attack the Greeks again.

            King Xerxes arrives, admits that the whole operation against Greece was his mistake and mourns along with the people of Persia.

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